French Marcaroon


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New from our craft master growers friends out in the BC Kootenay’s. If you’re reading this you’re the lucky one, because these strains are even more beautiful than the area they come from. As small-batch growers, the product can’t be beaten but the inventory goes in a minute. Treat yourself today.

French Macaron is a relatively balanced hybrid created from the marriage of Gelato 33 with French Cookies.

The flowers are plump and conical with varying shades of darker greens and a tinge of purpling throughout accented with fiery orange pistils and a moderate layer of golden trichomes.  The buds, when broken apart, release a potent gassy musk with a hint of creamy sweetness that combusts with an added element of woodiness.  The high is a spacey relaxed feeling with a pleasant body buzz.  With a less focused high, French Macaron may serve the user better during the latter parts of the day.

All the words are great but until you see and smell this amazing new strain you just wont know. Its amazing.


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